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The One-Armed Champion Golfer - What an Inspiring Story!

The One-Armed Champion Golfer – What an Inspiring Story!

The One-Armed Champion Golfer – What an Inspiring Story!

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As I do research for my website and Facebook Page content, I come across an inspirational story that is worth sharing. 

This is Kenny Minter’s story, a Champion Golfer with one arm.  A member of Waldringfield GC in Suffolk, England, who has overcome cancer. And after losing his arm, his friends thought his golfing days were over, but not in Kenny’s mind.  This is a story of grit and determination that can be an inspiration to all who take this game for granted!   Thanks to Golfing World for bringing us this story of human endeavor!

GW was keen to meet up with Kenny Minter, who is quickly becoming known as one of the best golfers in the world with this type of disability! Having won  events for golfers with disabilities over the years, Kenny has unbelievably been able to lower his handicap since becoming an amputee.

Source: Golfing World

Thanks for watching – The One-Armed Champion Golfer – What an Inspiring Story!

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