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The young guns are coming - The young guns are coming!

The young guns are coming – The young guns are coming!

The young guns are coming – The young guns are coming!
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The young guns refer to players in their 20’s on the PGA Tour!

Well, pretty good if you are referring to the PGA Tour!  The youth movement has picked up steam and it looks like there is no stopping these ultra-confident players who perform like veterans right out of the gate!  With more confidence than a lion in a field of lambs, they stride onto the first tee saying “Who’s going to be second today?”
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The young guns are coming - The young guns are coming!

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For a long time now, golf’s been obsessed with youth movements.

Arnold Palmer was part of the first one, back in 1960, when Sports Illustrated on its cover declared him – along with Dow Finsterwald and Ken Venturi – one of golf’s “young lions.” Palmer was 30, as was Finsterwald (Venturi was 29), youngish for top golfers then.

Several projections of domination by new waves of 20-somethings have followed, none of which came to true fruition. Some hitched their wagons to a virtuoso who had picked off a fistful of majors by age 25 – like Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. But one golfer does not a youth movement make.

It’s why I remained a youth movement skeptic, even as touring pro’s prime years have begun to start earlier. For every Rory and Rickie and Dustin there were a counterbalancing Phil, Furyk and Zach. And at least in 2013, a certain Player-of-the-Year named Woods.

As Johnny Miller, who had 18 victories in his twenties (as did Tom Watson), observed in 2010. “We keep hearing there are all these great young players, but none of them have won very often. They look like they should be doing it, but nobody’s really doing it.”

But now, I think, they really are. Critical mass has been attained. I’m a youth skeptic no more.

The young guns are coming - The young guns are coming!



The anecdotal evidence has piled up. Emiliano Grillo and Smylie Kaufman, both 23-year-old PGA Tour rookies, have won the first two events of the wraparound season. It means the winners of nine of the last 11 events on PGA Tour were in their twenties. Overall, 24 events in the 2014-2015 season were won by 20-somethings, a PGA Tour record.

Over the next few weeks of Fall events, when veterans typically take a rest and graduates come out gung-ho, look for more of the same.

The current movement is being led by the World Ranking leading trio of Jordan Spieth, 22, McIlroy, 26, and Jason Day, 27.

And there is the vaunted high school Class of 2011, consisting of Spieth, Daniel Berger, Justin Thomas, Grillo, Patrick Rodgers and Ollie Scheiderjans. But what’s happening is not so much about individuals as the collective.

There has been a discernible increase in truly competitive, younger-than-ever players who are ready to win. They might have names we barely know, but there are really no more upsets or even Cinderella stories in pro golf.

It’s evolution – from a litany of factors. Bigger and athletes drawn to the sport, following better fitness regimens, who have emulated physical specimens like Tiger, Dustin and Rory. There is more intense early competition, and equipment that can be tuned to minimize persistent flaws, breeding more confidence to swing harder.

But the biggest reason? Style of play.

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