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Which Golf Courses to pair with your wine - #3 in our Series!

Which Golf Courses to pair with your wine – #3 in our Series!

Which Golf Courses to pair with your wine – #3 in our Series!

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After recommending the Napa/Sonoma area of California and South Africa for wine & golf vacations, we now head to Argentina.

In The Mendoza province, the wine industry flourishes and The ‘Fiesta de la Vendimia’ (‘Grape harvest Festival’) attracts a huge number of tourists, annually.

And for those who love golf as much as they love wine, you will enjoy playing the golf courses at the foot of the Andes Mountains, surrounded by the vineyards.

Take a virtual visit to the Algodon Wine Estates & Champions Club, where a beautiful resort combines a winery plus a championship golf course.

Click Here

Also, gives some great insights into the two things we love so much.

Golf and wine: things that we still enjoy together because they both present challenges, excitement and reward. The combining may bridge the gap not just between the sexes but between generations.

In other times, a golf tour used to be only about golf. Everything was secondary to the day’s competition and the night’s recollection of the same. Nowadays, golfers have become more sophisticated: they’re on the course for four hours, and there are still eight hours of daylight left, and they are looking more into other activities, including wine tasting. Now there is a more civilized and diverse way, a chance for people who love wine as much as they do golf to do both, to taste, take a tour, have a picnic lunch among the vineyards or dinner in the city.

In Argentina, as the wine industry continues to grow and flourish (mostly in provinces like Mendoza, San Juan, La Rioja or Salta, called the “Wine area” or “the Wine route”), the potential of tasting and teeing it up on the same outing becomes harder to ignore. Precisely, the “Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia” (“Grape Harvest Festival”) takes place annually in Mendoza Province. It is one of the most important festivals in the country, attracting large numbers of tourists to the region because it is a world renowned celebration of wine and the winemaking industry. It represents the symbol of work completed by the farmer who receives the prize fruit of his effort, which will have new life in the body and the spirit of good wine.

In Argentina, the golf and wine experience offers a journey through the best golf courses of the country, together with the taste of wines and food.

Here it is possible to discover the perfect blend of professionally guided tours, golf, wine tasting and relaxation. We can say that wine and golf at hand are the perfect combination for a great stay. So come to our country, relax, play golf and drink wine!

Click Here for a video on Argentina Golf.

Source: Algodon Wine Estates


Thanks for reading – Which Golf Courses to pair with your wine – #3 in our Series!

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