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The Golf Shots that mesmerized us by Tiger Woods!

The Golf Shots that mesmerized us by Tiger Woods!

The Golf Shots that mesmerized us by Tiger Woods!

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“Amazing Shots by Tiger Woods” could be a best selling book, but this is a new series that I will be featuring each month on the unbelievable shots that Tiger Woods has played throughout his career. 

This opening video happened at Firestone at the Bridgestone Invitational in 2008.  Thanks to legbreakgoogly for posting this entertaining video!

David Feherty tells a funny story about a spectacualar shot that Tiger Woods hit. Tigers ball was in wet, nasty, horrible, six inch rough. Truly buried, and 190 yards away from the hole. Everybody figures that with a stick of dynamite he might be able to move the ball 50 yards… What does he do? Something that only Tiger can do – he nukes a pitching wedge 6 feet from the hole! One of the most extraordinary shots I have ever seen! And I know for a fact that what Ernie Els said (the part that has been censored) was “F*ck me! Did you see that??”… 🙂

Source : legbreakgoogly 

Thanks for watching – The Golf Shots that mesmerized us by Tiger Woods!

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