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Find out how Tiger Woods cured his "yips" with good technique!

Find out how Tiger Woods cured his “yips” with good technique!

Find out how Tiger Woods cured his “yips” with good technique!

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If you are like me, you were very keen to see how Tiger performed around the slick and treacherous green of Augusta National at the start of the 2015 Masters Tournament. 

Well, Tiger answer everybody with a resounding display of short game mastery that helped him make it through to the weekend!  But how did he do it?  David MacKenzie of Golf State of Mind helps us understand this.

Find out how Tiger Woods cured his "yips" with good technique!

Tiger used to be the best chipper in the world, lost it, and now it looks like he has found it again!

What an incredible first major of the season it was! Hats off to the new Masters champion Jordan Spieth.

While most of the focus was on Spieth throughout the tournament, some of us were very curious to see how Tiger Woods would fare on a course which demands the most from a player’s short game and putting.

Tiger’s last competitive round was at the Phoenix Open in February and it was a little embarrassing for him to say the least.

The former World No.1 and 14 time major winner withdrew after looking like a weekend hacker off the tee and around the greens. Thinning shots way over the green and chunking shots just a few feet – it was the stuff that golfers’ nightmares are made of.

It was plainly obvious that something very strange was going on, which could only be described as the dreaded….YIPS!

So when Tiger teed it up last Thursday, the entire golfing world was waiting to see what would happen when he missed a green and needed to get a wedge out of his bag. Incredibly, there was not a YIP in sight! In fact, during the first 2 rounds, it was his short game and scrambling skills that saved him from going home on Friday evening.

So what happened in the past 2 months that somehow cured Tiger’s Yips?

To read David MacKenzie’s insight on how Tiger cured his “yips,” click here.

Source: Golf State of Mind    David MacKenzie

Pictures: Keith Allison   Secret in the Dirt

Thanks for watching – Find out how Tiger Woods cured his “yips” with good technique!

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