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Why is Jordan Spieth so good and what can we learn to help our game?

Why is Jordan Spieth so good and what can we learn to help our game?

Why is Jordan Spieth so good, and what can we learn to help our game?

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Karl Morris of The Mind Factor has been instrumental in Louis Oosthuizen, Graham McDowell, and Darren Clark, just to name 3 of the 6 Major Championship winners whom Karl has coached. 

I have personally bought his CD’s, and they have helped me tremendously.  It made me a better teacher in my golf game by understanding how the mind controls performance.  Read his excerpt below on Jordan Spieth’s victory and how you can learn from it!

In the video below, Louis Oosthuizen describes how Karl Morris helped him win the Open Championship!

Very few of us who saw Jordan Spieth go wire to wire and win his first Major at the Augusta Masters can fail to have been astounded at just how good this twenty one year old is.

It was an extraordinary performance in many ways, not least because of his age.  But perhaps more the fact he managed to hold onto his lead for four rounds at one of the world’s most demanding venues.  And with the full force of the watching world waiting for him to slip up at any moment!

This win was no unique event either.

Three of his four victories since the end of last year have seen him make a fast start and run away from the field.

  • How CAN we hold ourselves together when we have a big lead in a tournament and we are expected to go on and win?

It can be really tough with golf being the game it is. We know ANY lead can be taken away from us if we unravel mentally and a four or five shot lead can disappear in a heartbeat.

I don’t know what Jordan Spieth has worked on specifically in terms of his mental game.  But it is very clear he has one of the most powerful of all mental game tools in his bag, a sense of PERSPECTIVE.

This sense of perspective tends to insulate yourself from making winning tournaments TOO important and the pressure unbearable.

Why is Jordan Spieth so good and what can WE learn to help our OWN game?

Ellie and Jordan Spieth.

For such a young man, he has a remarkably balanced perspective on the game.  In a world that has a consistent habit of blowing sporting performance and ‘pressure’ out of all proportion. The effect on Spieth of his younger sister Ellie’s neurological disorder is clear. Jordan Spieth’s swing coach, Cameron McCormick has said, ‘Ellie grounds Jordan, inspires him and makes it easy for him to detach.’

He is still clearly able to see golf is a GAME. Yes!!

A game you play with all of your heart and do everything you can to succeed but a game, not a matter of life and death.

When you have a sense of perspective like this, it is much easier to relish the challenge of maintaining a lead.  As your whole value as a human being is not on the line for the outcome of a golf tournament.

I am not saying for one minute that winning isn’t important or the value in shooting low scores.  But when a golf score defines you as a person, you begin to play a VERY pressurised game. We all at times need to be reminded golf is something we DO, not something that we ARE.

It is very interesting to see with the sense of perspective Spieth brings to the game.  How he is right up there at the top of the stats, for what they call in the USA ‘Bouncebackability’ – the ability to follow a dropped shot with a birdie or better at the next hole.

To read the rest of this story, click here.

Source: Karl Morris The Mind Factor

Pictures:  Karl Morris

Thanks for reading – Why is Jordan Spieth so good, and what can we learn to help our game?

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