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10 Things you'll really enjoy about Bandon Dunes - #8 is for me!

10 Things you’ll really enjoy about Bandon Dunes – #8 is for me!

10 Things you’ll really enjoy about Bandon Dunes – #8 is for me!

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To me, pure golf is playing golf, walking, and with a caddie.  

I have never been to Bandon Dunes, but after reading this fabulous review by Craig Better of, I am completely sold!  I can already picture myself and 3 friends walking this great course and having a fabulous meal and wine after the round.  Perfection!  I will make every effort to visit this magical place in the next 12 months!

10 Things you'll really enjoy about Bandon Dunes - #8 is for me!

You probably know or have heard that Oregon’s Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is a very special place.

I tell people all the time: “You need to go to truly understand it.”

But I’m going to help everyone understand it…right here, right now.

I’ve put together a list of 10 things that make Bandon Dunes, well, Bandon Dunes.

If you’ve been there, you’ll totally relate to these.

And if you haven’t been, you’ll instantly understand what everyone is raving about

1. Meatloaf is a delicacy. 

You don’t go to Bandon Dunes and fail to order Grandma’s Meatloaf at McKee’s Pub. It’s just not done.

2. Rolling a pull cart across a green does not cause the Earth to explode.

In fact, it’s encouraged here. The pull carts at Bandon Dunes are equipped with wide wheels, which not only do no harm to the hardy fescue greens, they can actually help smooth them out.

3. You can literally use *any club* off the tee on par threes. Yes, that includes your putter…

and your driver.

4. Getting there is half the battle…and half the fun.

From the East Coast, flying to Bandon via the small nearby North Bend Airport usually involves at least two stops on the way. But the last leg of the journey by air, your plane is bound to be full of fellow Bandon visitors, so the golf chatter and camaraderie gets started early. To the relief of many, United will start offering nonstop flights from Denver to North Bend starting July 1, 2015.

5. Band-Aids aren’t for wimps…they’re for warriors.

Some resorts project a feeling of “all golf, all the time,” but Bandon takes it to another level. With replay rounds costing approximately half-price (and any rounds beyond that being free), walking 36 a day here is the rule, not the exception. And with sunset as late as 9 pm in June, even 72 holes in a day is possible.

To see the other 5 things you will enjoy about Bandon Dunes, go here.

Source:   Craig Better

Pictures: Ryan Healy

Thanks for reading – 10 Things you’ll really enjoy about Bandon Dunes – #8 is for me!

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