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The less glamorous side of tour life - One girl's epic story!

The less glamorous side of tour life – One girl’s epic story!

The less glamorous side of tour life – One girl’s epic story!

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Tour life on the or Symetra Tour is not as glamorous or as lucrative as the PGA or LPGA Tour.  

In the bottom, half of these tours are players who are sometimes struggling to make ends meet. I worked recently with a player who was playing the Canadian Tour, was a super ball-striker, hard worker, but didn’t quite have the short game to push him over the edge! After 2 years on the mini-tours and two years on the Canadian Tour, he called it quits and is going back to university to get his honors degree.  He found it hard to make ends meet, just as Alejandra Llaneza did on the Symetra Tour.  Here is her story brought to us by Golf Digest !

The less glamorous side of tour life - One girl's epic story!

These girls now have the opportunity to play on the LPGA Tour in 2016! Congratulations!

From borrowing clothes to driving cross country, one female golfer shares the less glamorous side of pro golf.

Some people just can’t handle life on the road,” Jim Carrey says in Dumb and Dumber. Alejandra Llaneza is not one of those people.

Llaneza, 27, wrote about her experiences of playing on mini-tours for The Players Tribune, exposing the less glamorous side of pro golf than the one fans see through Ian Poulter’s Instagram feed. You should read the entire piece, but here are some of her main points in case you’re thinking of pursuing a tour pro life:

Playing pro golf is expensive:

Llaneza said entry fees on the Symetra Tour are $500 per tournament. A caddie costs an additional $500-800. And if you’re lucky enough to make a cut, there’s no guarantee you’ll even break even for the week. “The old joke on the tour is, ‘My caddie made more than me this week. They’re buying dinner,'” Llaneza said. Llaneza’s piece is titled “Let the Rattlesnake deal with me,” a reference to the former Arizona Wildcat risking her health to go into the desert to retrieve golf balls. And then there are travel expenses. Speaking of which. . .

To read the rest of Alejandra’s story of whether she made it to the LPGA, go here!

Source: Golf Digest 

Pictures: Golf Digest     Scott A. Miller

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