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4 Set-up flaws that can totally ruin your golf game!

4 Set-up flaws that can totally ruin your golf game!

4 Set-up flaws that can totally ruin your golf game!

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I have mentioned many times how to eliminate set-up flaws.  It is not only important, but it is also critical!  I have never seen a good golfer with a bad set-up position.  This is something worth learning and taking your time with until it is a repeatable habit.  That way, if something goes wrong with your swing, you can look elsewhere, knowing your set-up is good to go!   The address position is the ONLY time in the golf swing when you are in 100% control.  You are in control of your grip, your posture, your distance from the ball, ball position, and weight distribution.  If you are in 100% control, try to be correct 100% of the time.

Thanks to Rickard Strongert and Videojug for sharing this video on getting the set-up right!

Golf: Common mistakes at set-up – VideoJug golfing expert Rickard Strongert explain reasons why you swing could be erratic in your golf game and shows some of the most common mistakes.

Source: Videojug   Rickard Strongert

Pictures: GolfWrx

Thanks for watching – 4 Set-up flaws that can totally ruin your golf game!

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