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Scotty Cameron Talks About his Passion - Putter Design!

Scotty Cameron Talks About his Passion – Putter Design!

Scotty Cameron Talks About his Passion – Putter Design!

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Scotty Cameron is regarded by most golfers as the world’s leading expert in putter design.  His putters have been used to win many PGA, LPGA and European Tour events and several Major Championships!  Bernhard Langer was using a Scotty Cameron putter when he won the 1993 Masters, and that was the springboard to Scotty’s career!  Today, top players throughout the world seek him out for help with a new putter.

Thanks to E. Michael Johnson of GOLF DIGEST for this interesting interview!

Scotty Cameron Talks About his Passion - Putter Design!

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – JANUARY 24: Scotty Cameron at the PGA Merchandise Show on January 24, 2019, in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

At last month’s PGA Merchandise Show one of the most sought-after people was Scotty Cameron. The noted puttermaker for Titleist drew crowds as he spoke about his passion for creating putters for the best players in the game as well as for everyday golfers. Cameron also found time to answer five questions from E. Michael Johnson.

Golf junkies want to hear your thoughts on the anchor ban. What have you—and what are you—working on to help those folks who can no longer anchor?

I’m a firm believer in true counterbalancing. I see so many people just adding weight in the grip end, and I don’t feel that is correct. You need that heft in the head, where I add 50 grams, and 50 grams to the grip. It’s also actually easier than anchoring. It’s the way to go. In many ways, this ban on anchoring has been a blessing for those golfers. I believe a counterbalanced putter produces a more repetitive stroke.

You’re known primarily for your blade-style designs, but there seems to be more emphasis on mallets in recent years. What led you to pursue the mallet style in a more aggressive way?

I actually made a lot of them early on for Ray Cook. The M1 and other models. I was making mallets back in 1985 so it was an easy transition back to that. What I’ve done is take some of what I learned 30 years ago—namely how to use aluminum and steel together—and apply it today using the modern technology and manufacturing at my disposal.

Source: E. Michael Johnson  GOLF DIGEST


Thanks for reading – Scotty Cameron Talks About his Passion – Putter Design!

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