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Knowing the Rules of Golf can Improve Your Score!

Knowing the Rules of Golf can Improve Your Score!

Knowing the Rules of Golf can Improve Your Score!

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Testing the surface is illegal in golf, correct?  No, not really, according to Zach Johnson and the Rules of Golf.  Testing the surface is illegal only on the putting green.  This little-known rule can help you in the future with your short game around the green.  Firstly, the grass on the fringe of the green is most probably running in the same direction as the putting surface, so this is an easy way to get an accurate read of grain direction. (of course, if you are putting on bentgrass greens, this does not apply)

If you are going to play a shot into the grain, there is a high probability that you could chunk this shot, so a putter might be a better choice.  If you are going down-grain, you will know that the speed will be quick, and you can adjust the force of your chip or putt accordingly!  

Thanks to Chris Chaney, Wrong Fairway of Back9Network, for this interesting article!

You need to know how to test the surface legally!

If you’ve played golf in South Florida, you know that the grain of the grass has an unusually strong impact on the way you play your shots on and around the green. The way the grass grows can have an effect on how your putt breaks or how your club will react to the ground from which you’re either pitching or chipping.

So, how do you determine which direction the grain of the grass is growing when you’re on the green? You can either look for a slight color change (down grain will look more glossy) or you check the cup (the rugged, broken grass on one side of the hole will tell you which way the grain is growing).

Being off the green, however, affords you an easier way to assess the grain. Zach Johnson elects to rub the grass with his hand and see how the turf reacts when he is not on the putting surface. This lets him know which way the grain is growing.  And allows him to better choose a club for the upcoming shot.

Now, if you’re wont to do this, expect to receive a little heat from some overzealous rule enforcers — as Johnson said he encounters multiple times per year and most recently during the 2015 Hero World Challenge— whose intentions may be good, but whose understanding of the rules is lacking.

To read the rest of this story, plus a video interview with Zach where he explains that particular rule, go here!

Source: Back9Network    Chris Chaney, Wrong Fairway

Pictures: USGA Publications

Thanks for reading – Knowing the Rules of Golf can Improve Your Score!

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