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Learn to play "No Fear Golf" with David MacKenzie!

Learn to play “No Fear Golf” with David MacKenzie!

Learn to play “No Fear Golf” with David MacKenzie!

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David MacKenzie is one of the leading Sports Performance Mental Trainers in the world.  

He owns Golf State of Mind, and I have featured him several times in my posts because I believe he is extremely knowledgeable of his craft, and we can all learn from him.  Overcoming fear on the course is something that even great players struggle with.  Just take a look at the short putt Dustin Johnson missed during the US Open at Chambers Bay last summer.  Think the fear of failure caught up with him at the wrong time?  Let David help you play no fear golf by managing your fear and thus becoming a better player!

Learn to play "No Fear Golf" with David MacKenzie!

You’ve had butterflies before your first tee shot, you’ve felt it.

And you’ve had trouble sleeping before an important round, you’ve felt it.

If you’ve ever started panicking during your warm-up because you think you’ve lost your swing, you’ve felt it.

Have you’ve ever “choked”, and felt it.

What is it? I’m talking about FEAR. Something that affects nearly every golfer that plays the game.

But what exactly is FEAR and why does it exist?

This article is going to take a look into the origin of fear, what the effects are, and how you can harness it to play your best golf.

To read the entire article on how to overcome fear on the course, go here!

Source: Golf State of Mind   David MacKenzie

Pictures: Bart Everson

Thanks for reading – Learn to play “No Fear Golf” with David MacKenzie!

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