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A really good recovery shot by Jason Kokrak to 17 feet!

A really good recovery shot by Jason Kokrak to 17 feet!

A really good recovery shot by Jason Kokrak to 17 feet!

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To say Jason Kokrak hit his shot into the 18th green a little high and wide would be an understatement.

He hit it so far high and right that he ended up in one of the hospitality tents.  Much to the glee of the occupants, he decided to play the shot.  What I want everyone to notice is his intense concentration on this shot.  First, a few practice swings to get an idea of how hard and high to play the shot. Next, he stands behind the ball and visualizes a clear shot through to the green. Lastly, he walks up to the ball and has several looks at a point about 20 feet in front of him that is obviously the line he wants to start the ball on.  This is a professional at work doing what he does best.  Thanks to the Charlotte Observer for sharing this video!  Great stuff!

Tour players often use their surroundings to their advantage. If there’s water short of the green, they take their chances hitting it long into the gallery or use a hospitality tent as a backstop. Sometimes, however, those “safety plays” go a little awry as Jason Kokrak found out on Friday at the Wells Fargo Championship.

Playing the 18th hole, Kokrak steered clear of the water guarding the left side of the green by playing out to the right. Unfortunately, Kokrak pushed it a litter further right than he had hoped and ended up on the second floor of a hospitality tent. Instead of taking his drop, Kokrak decided to play the shot.

Source: Charlotte Observer   Swing by Swing

Thanks for watching – A really good recovery shot by Jason Kokrak to 17 feet!

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