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Is part of your game missing - What about Post Round Routine?

Is part of your game missing – What about Post Round Routine?

Is part of your game missing – What about Post Round Routine?

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Do you ever sit down after a round of golf and do a careful review of your round to see which parts of your game you can improve?  

And I’m not talking only about the physical aspects of your game like ball-striking, chipping or putting but how you performed other important facets of the game that can help you become a better player.  David MacKenzie of Golf State of Mind walks you through the 19 questions you should be asking yourself as part of your post-round routine that will certainly help your game in the future!

Is part of your game missing - What about Post Round Routine?

Do you examine your game after the round?

Post-round review questions

In golf, we need to celebrate success but use failure to get better.

After a round, the big questions we need to ask ourselves are:

“What did I do well, and what do I attribute to that success?”

We need to maintain these things during practice.

“What did I not do well, and how do I improve that?”

Let’s try to notice the things that might be causing these things.

We need to find patterns in our play – if it was a great round, what specifically in your mental process and your mood was contributing to that? Did you really stick to your pre-shot routine? Was it that you had a swing cue that worked? Did you have Was it particular thoughts in between shots? Was it an attitude that you had before the round? Was it focusing on your breathing? If you can identify it, let’s repeat it in the future!

If it was a bad round, what was it in the process or your mood that could have caused it? Is it a lack of patience? Was there tension in your swing? Is it a failure to accept the bad shots? Did you have high expectations? Being aware of the things you are doing and feeling when you’re playing poorly can help you avoid them in future rounds.

Your mental game scorecard

There are several key indicators to look out for. I like to call this a Mental Game Scorecard. I’ve included a link to a pdf version at the end of this section, so you can print it off and fill it out of you would like. Here are the top questions I like my students to ask themselves after every round.

How good was my routine?

For me, this is the best way to judge your performance during a round. To make sure the focus is always on the process instead of the outcome (things you can control vs. things you can’t), I have my students play a game to measure whether how well they stuck to their routine.

To see the 19 questions you should ask yourself after your round, go here!

Source: David MacKenzie   Golf State of Mind

Pictures: Eric Havir   David Fulmer

Thanks for reading – Is part of your game missing – What about Post Round Routine?

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