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How to hit your pitch shots crisply and not fat!

How to hit your pitch shots crisply and not fat!

How to hit your pitch shots crisply and not fat!

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Hitting a shot fat (or hitting the ground behind the ball) is one of the most frustrating shots in golf.  When hitting pitch shots, the tendency is to get a little “armsy” and try to scoop the ball.  In conjunction with  TourEdgeGolf and  Swing by Swing, Mike Sullivan shares the keys to hitting your pitch shots crisply!

The problem with short wedge shots close to the hole is that everything you’ve been working on to get to that point needs to have a slight adjustment to create the best opportunity for success.

Mike Sullivan explains that amateurs tend to incorporate their full swing weight shift into short wedge shots, resulting in a delivery of the club behind the ball as a result of a shorter swing. Instead of using your normal swaying motion, Sullivan recommends beginning with 75% of your weight forward in order to create crisp contact.

Source: TourEdgeGolf    Swing by Swing

Thanks for watching – How to hit your pitch shots crisply and not fat!

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