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Learn the secrets to Henrik Stenson's pressure-proof swing!

Learn the secrets to Henrik Stenson’s pressure-proof swing!

Learn the secrets to Henrik Stenson’s pressure-proof swing!
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Henrik Stenson has a pressure-proof swing!  

This was proven without a shadow of a doubt on Sunday afternoon in the final round of the 2016 British Open Championship.  Henrik does a few things in his swing that I have been teaching for a long time now that buck conventional teaching methods.  Keeping the lower body stable and moving through the ball with a strong upper torso rotation is Henrik’s secret.   of Golf Digest brings you insights from the latest phenom’s golf swing!
Learn the secrets to Henrik Stenson's pressure-proof swing!

The Denver Post.  2016 in Troon, Scotland.

You don’t keep your reputation as one of professional golf’s best ball-strikers if you don’t do things to support the claim.

The round of the year!

Henrik Stenson piled up five more birdies to go with the seven he made on Friday, hitting lasers that cut through the 30-mile-per-hour wind at Troon. Stenson has hit 40 out of 51 greens, second most in the tournament, and has made only five bogeys in three rounds–second fewest.

He does it with a swing action that goes against some of the prevailing teaching wisdom, says Golf Digest 50 Best Teacher Brian Manzella, who is based at English Turn Golf & Country Club in New Orleans. “The trend is certainly to teach free hip turn in both directions, and I certainly subscribe to that,” says Manzella. “That usually comes from straightening the right leg in the backswing and straightening the left leg in the downswing. But Henrik Stenson doesn’t do that at all.”

To read how Henrik Stenson hits such great iron shots under pressure, go here!

Source:    Golf Digest

Pictures: GolfpunkHQ  The Denver Post

Thanks for reading – Learn the secrets to Henrik Stenson’s pressure-proof swing!

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