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Improve your Game at your Home Course with these 11 Steps!

Improve your Game at your Home Course with these 11 Steps!

Improve your Game at your Home Course with these 11 Steps!

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Good course management is worth 5 to 10 shots for the average golfer.  I have often said that if I could caddy for one of my 18 handicap golfers and not give them any swing advice but helped them manage their games, they would take at least 4 to 6 shots off their handicap.  Even having the correct selection of clubs in your bag can make a huge difference, as Peter Morrice and  for Golf Digest make very clear in this article!

Improve your Game at your Home Course with these 11 Steps!

1. Most of us play the majority of our rounds on one course.

In fact, the USGA says golfers posting for handicaps in 2015 marked their scores as “home” 74.4 percent of the time. You probably don’t think much about that, except maybe to wonder why you keep messing up the same holes. The good news is, with a little analysis, you can tailor your game to your course or fill a gap that’s killing your scores—three-quarters of the time!

For example, if your course is lined by trees, you might need to drive the ball straighter. If you feel like you have a mile into every green, it’s smart to work on your fairway woods and hybrids. If your greens have crazy slopes, you’d better know how to read break. This magazine offers a ton of great instruction, but it’s usually up to you to decide if the tips apply to your game. Here we’ll help you pick and choose based on where you play.

Work your way through this article, and you’ll start to understand what your course is asking of you—and start answering the call more often. This is why teaching pros give playing lessons: They want to help students improve on their home course. So consider this your first playing lesson. —with Peter Morrice

Improve your Game at your Home Course with these 11 Steps!

2. If you struggle to reach the green in two shots on most par 4’s, you need … Driving Distance.


3. If you have to hit a recovery shot after your drive three or more times a round, you need … Driving Accuracy.

4. If most of your shots into the greens are outside of iron distance, you need … Woods/Hybrids.

2 Strategies to improve Course management.

3 Simple Stretches that Everyone can do at home!

How to stop hitting the big ball before the small ball!

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