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Why is a Dynamic Warm-up better than a normal warm-up?

Why is a Dynamic Warm-up better than a normal warm-up?

Why is a Dynamic Warm-up better than a normal warm-up?

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Adam Stevenson is a TPI Certified PGA Professional.  So, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to stretching and warm-up exercises before you head to the first tee!  Using a Dynamic warm-up is far more efficient in getting the muscles firing in the correct sequence.  Watch the video, and then try this out before your next round. Then, you won’t be sorry!

Dynamic Warm-Up is the Key!

I know that most of you don’t have access to a PGA Tour fitness trailer, however, you still need to warm up… and not just any run-of-the-mill warm up. You need a dynamic warm up.

A good dynamic warm up will help jump-start your body and your performance, and it is
perhaps the simplest way to prepare your body for a day of high performance at the golf course. By doing a good dynamic warm up, you are actually loosening up any stiff joints, gaining stability and at the same time preparing your nervous system to fire those ever so crucial signals out to your muscles to help them work in an efficient pattern that will lead to a golf swing that can deliver performance!

Below is a dynamic warm up that will help you loosen up your joints and muscles, as well as fine tune your nervous system so that you can move more efficiently to help prevent injury’s and improve your performance.

Even though a dynamic warm up will help loosen up those tight muscles and joints, it is by NO means a substitute for correctional exercises that will remove physical limitations. Therefore, I highly recommend you visit a TPI expert in your area. You can find a local expert that can help you locate and remove any limitations on this link Don’t have an expert in your area? Then I strongly recommend you ordering a copy of my book, the Golfers Handbook.

Source: Adam Stevenson  Golf Wrx

Thanks for watching – Why is a Dynamic Warm-up better than a normal warm-up?

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