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Mental toughness is far more important than good technique!

Mental toughness is far more important than good technique!

Mental toughness is far more important than good technique!
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I consider Bernhard Langer as one of, if not THE, toughest competitors, mentally, on any tour in the world!  

He reminds me of Nikki Lauder (also from Germany), one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers ever.  Both of these gentlemen have that unique ability to handle pressure at the highest level and pull out a victory even when the odds are against them!  What every golfer can learn from Bernhard is that mental toughness is far more important than having a good putting stroke or putting technique. But, how many amateurs work on their mental toughness?  So the next time you go to the course, work on putting your best effort forward no matter how you are striking the ball and don’t allow anything to upset you!  Your game will thank you!
Thanks to  and Golf Digest for this insightful article.

Photo – NY Times

It stood to reason that Berhard Langer — he of the multiple bouts of the yips and heavy reliance on the long putter — would pay the stiffest penalty when anchoring was banned for 2016.

Turns out Langer is doing just fine.

The 58-year-old German won his second major of the year at the Senior Players, and punctuated it with his flat stick. Langer rolled in a 12-footer for par on the last hole to hold off Miguel Angel Jimenez and Joe Durant by a shot.

When the rules changed, Langer figured to have to learn to use some alternative grip on a regular length putter. Instead, he simply kept his long putter and style, but moved his left hand off his chest right before taking a stroke. The change is a perfect example of Langer’s cool-headed, analytical style — put the process first!

“The average player gets so lost in the physical stuff.  How to hold it and how to stand, that they totally forget the mental part.  And the mental part is the most important,” says two-time major champion and short game guru Dave Stockton. “Bernhard’s work ethic is second to none, but what separates him from so many other players is how he approaches problems. When he makes a mistake, he doesn’t get angry. He’s constantly processing so he can learn and figure out a better way to do it.”

To see Dave Stockton’s take on Bernhard Langer’s putting and mental strength, go here!

Source:    Golf Digest

Pictures: Michael Cohen/Getty Images   Principal Charity Classic presented by Wells Fargo

Thanks for reading – Mental toughness is far more important than good technique!

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