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Fix your hip "spin-out" in a flash with Lydia Ko!

Fix your hip “spin-out” in a flash with Lydia Ko!

Fix your hip “spin-out” in a flash with Lydia Ko!

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This is a straightforward and simple drill to help golfers understand the correct hip motion at the start of the downswing.  There is always a slight lateral hip motion to allow the weight to shift from the back foot to the front before the hip rotation starts. But, as Lydia Ko explains, she had a habit of “spinning out,” which many golfers do.  This will cause the clubhead to travel across the ball, causing a hook or a slice depending on where the clubface is at impact. So the next time you are on the range, try this drill to give you a sensation you’ve probably never felt before!  Thanks to  of Golf Digest for this very educational article!

The spin-out can cause hooks or slices!

There’s something kind of nice about missing it left. At least you got through the ball. And if you can wrestle in your hook, you’re looking at a baby draw, right? But no matter what kind of solace you can find in your misses, it’s always hard to make par from the trees. If you struggle with hitting ugly pull-hooks, you’re not alone. Even Lydia Ko, the number one female player in the world, has had some trouble missing it left.

She’s diagnosed that miss as a hip-turn issue. Instead of making a good, smooth turn through the ball, she said her hips spin out sometimes. This closes the clubface at impact, sending the ball hard left.

To fix it, she does this little drill:

Thanks for watching – Fix your hip “spin-out” in a flash with Lydia Ko!

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