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Are you aware of the flaws that are sabotaging your game?  

Are you aware of the flaws that are sabotaging your game?

Are you aware of the flaws that are sabotaging your game?  

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How many times during a round do you hit a shot that is just so bad that you’re dumbfounded about where that came from?  Well, you are not alone.  Even the top professionals sometimes have a “brain fart.”  However, they have sports psychologists who work with them regularly to make sure that it does not happen too often.  John Haime of Golfwrx gives us a few ways to improve our own game.


Melinda Harrison.

I was inspired to write this article by a quote I come across from a friend of mine, Melinda Harrison, a former Olympic swimmer who specializes in helping athletes transition from the world of sport to their next great venture.

“If you do not see the wave coming, it can smack you down and pull you under leaving you feeling tossed around, upside down, gasping for breath and picking out sand from areas you never knew existed,” she wrote.          

I knew this feeling well in my golf game. I was tossed around often. In fact, these waves were blind spots that eventually derailed a golf career that had promise. I found myself metaphorically picking sand from areas I never knew existed (far too many times), and I wasn’t understanding how it happened.

What are the blind spots in your game? Those waves you don’t see coming that leave you tossed around and falling short of your capabilities.

Right now is a great time of the year to roll up your sleeves and reflect on what happened during the year — and what you might do in 2017 to get more enjoyment and make some positive strides in your game. How was your golf year? Happy with it? Wanting more?

In a reflection exercise, I highly recommend you consider your own blind spots, and what might be unconsciously holding you back from moving forward and getting more out of your game.

Blind spots damage performance

Working with world-class performers every day, I can assure you that understanding blind spots is important in performance. Almost every performer I have worked with has them, and I expect you do, too. Part of my job is to help these world-class performers identify their blind spots, making sure they have a clear view of what’s beneath their awareness and might therefore be holding them back.

Let’s highlight the idea of blind spots by using my own professional golf career as an example. This may help you start thinking about your own blind spots and get the wheels turning. I had a few tendencies that were constantly beneath my awareness that kept me on the treadmill and not striding forward on a steady, consistent career path.

A few examples:

To see examples of what to look for in your mental game, go here!

Source: John Haime   Golfwrx

Pictures: Susan   Golfwrx

Thanks for reading – Are you aware of the flaws that are sabotaging your game?  

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