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Is the Shaft in your Driver the Right One for You?

Is the Shaft in your Driver the Right One for You?

Is the Shaft in your Driver the Right One for You?

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The Right Shaft to maximize your Distance.

Trying to get the right shaft flex to maximize your driving distance and accuracy is a complicated business.  However, we have launch Monitors like Trackman, FlightScope and GC2 to make our job a whole lot easier.  Factors to consider.  Clubhead speed, shaft flex, shaft type, shaft weight, shaft length, launch angle, ball speed and total carry distance.  So to say I swing at 100 mph will not help.  Unless I take all these other factors into consideration.  Randy of Fried Eggs Golf tries to help, but you need to see a club-fitter in the final analysis and be prepared to spend a couple of hours testing to come up with something close to what you need.  As this is a tiring process, you may want to split it up into two days instead of trying to fit in all in one day! Good hunting!

It’s experiment time… I use a Ping G driver and three Alta 55 shafts in Stiff, Regular, and Senior to see how flex affects ball-flight.

Source: Fried Eggs Golf

Thanks for watching – Is the Shaft in your Driver the Right One for You?

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