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Those trees on the golf course, get over them!

Those trees on the golf course – get over them!

Those trees on the golf course – get over them!

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Golf course architects are horrible, aren’t they?  They put trees on the golf course that could potentially get in the way of our shot to the green!  But have no fear.  PGA golf professional Bill Ore will help you navigate that precarious position.  Next time, drive it on the fairway – there are no trees on the fairway!

But, if you do happen to find your ball with large trees in your way, this is how to do it.

1. Widen your stance slightly.

This will allow the club to come in on a shallower angle and get the ball up into the air quicker.

2. Move the ball more forward in the stance. 

Closer to the lead heel. This will add more loft at impact, getting the ball up quickly.

3. Keep the head behind the ball at impact. 

If the head moves forward on the downswing, you will deloft the club, and the trajectory will be lower, and you might not make it over the trees.

Watch easy golf instruction on how to elevate your golf ball quickly. PGA Professional Billy Ore offers a 3-step process for how to get your ball over that tree or other obstacle in front of you.

Source:  PGA     Bill Ore

Picture: Mario

Thanks for watching – Those trees on the golf course – get over them!

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