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One Great Exercise to Improve your Shoulder Turn!

One Great Exercise to Improve your Shoulder Turn!

One Great Exercise to Improve your Shoulder Turn!

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As we grow older, our muscles stiffen up, and we lose our range of motion.  

However, good sound flexibility exercises will help slow down that stiffening up process.  In recent years I have lost quite a bit of shoulder turn on the backswing, resulting in a loss of distance.  After seeing this rotation exercise online a few months ago, I started doing this, and I can tell you from personal experience, it helps tremendously!  Start slowly, don’t overdo it, but do it regularly.  The flexibility of your thoracic spine will improve, and so will your golf game.  Thanks to   of Golf Digest for sharing this article, and thanks to Golf Digest fitness advisor Ben Shear for this fantastic exercise!

Shoulder turn is a bit of a controversial topic when you speak to teaching professionals. Some think too much emphasis is put on trying to make as big a rotation with the trunk as possible in order to better synchronize the swing and, more importantly, generate faster clubhead speed. Many teachers feel that if golfers turn back too far, they can lose the spring-like coil needed to swing back down with good energy, or they will increase the risk of injuries—or both. Other teachers point to the coiling techniques of big hitters such as Dustin Johnson and John Daly and argue that the modern golf swing necessitates the need for a healthy turn.

Source:   Golf Digest  Ben Shear

Picture: Casey Lessard

Thanks for watching – One Great Exercise to Improve your Shoulder Turn!

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