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Was that Necessary to Fine Rory for Club Toss?

Was that Necessary to Fine Rory for Club Toss?

Was that Necessary to Fine Rory for Club Toss?

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The European Tour announced that it will fine No. 1 Tour Player Rory McIlroy for a short club-toss at Wentworth in late May.

McIlroy struggled in the first round of the BMW PGA and made a short toss of his club onto the ground after a poor shot on hole #17.

In March, at the WGC-Cadillac Championship at Doral in Florida, Rory made a much bigger, full throw of his three-iron into the water on hole #8. It showed that Rory is human and feels frustration like the rest of us, but he apologized later for the poor behavior.

I didn’t hear any fines or negatives from the PGA on that incident, but there may have been. The PGA is pretty closed-mouthed about any disciplinary action they take.

Do you think Rory should face disciplinary action for either or both of these ‘ungentlemanly’ displays of emotion?

Or should they leave him alone and be grateful that he doesn’t use foul language like Tiger Woods?

I think the funniest statement on this situation was uttered by the penultimate club-thrower, 1950’s-60’s PGA Tour Player Tommy Bolt. Bolt said, “Any golfer who has never thrown a club is not serious about the game. That’s all there is to it.”  Thanks, Tommy, that makes me feel a whole lot better!

Thanks to Luke Kerr-Dineen via USA Today for the following story and video:

Yes, we understand that golf is a gentleman’s game filled with tradition and honor and blah blah blah, but this seems a little excessive.

Was that Necessary to Fine Rory for Club Toss?

After a bad second shot on the par-5 17th hole during the first round of last week’s BMW PGA Championship on the European Tour, Rory tossed his golf club a few feet into the ground before calmly retrieving it. The act seemed to pass unnoticed until Wednesday, when a European Tour spokesperson told the Golf Blot: “Rory will be disciplined under the player’s Code of Conduct for the club throw.”

The European Tour is a little more transparent about its disciplinary proceedings than the PGA Tour, who doesn’t comment at all on these matters, but if Rory’s getting punished for this one can only imagine how much Tiger’s swearing has cost him over the years.

Source: Luke Kerr-Dineen   USA Today

Picture: Philip Wilson

Thanks for watching – Was that Necessary to Fine Rory for Club Toss?

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