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How do we Speed up Play - Here are 25 different ways!

How do we Speed up Play – Here are 25 different ways!

How do we Speed up Play – Here are 25 different ways!

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Slow play is a major problem on golf courses in the USA.  

When playing over in Scotland, Ireland, and England, golfers play well within the 4 hours suggested.  I played at North Berwick a few years ago, and when I went to pay my green fees at the Caddie Masters Shack, I noticed a sign that read, “A round of golf should be played in 3 hours.” So I said to the Caddie Master, “Do all your members play in 3 hours?”  “Oh, no sir, that is for the Americans.  If we say 3 hours, they’ll at least play in 4!”  Here are a few suggestions from   of Golf Digest to help speed up your next round of golf and make it more fun for everyone!

How do we Speed up Play - Here are 25 different ways!

One group on the tee and one group waiting to tee off!

This certainly doesn’t apply to you. You’re the fastest golfer you know, right? Right. Anyway, maybe you can still review this list of helpful tips for how to shave time off a round and, perhaps, pass it on to golfers who could really use it. Just a thought.

Review these tips and pass them on to your committee if you think they’ll do any good!

1) Play like you have only three hours to finish the round before the sun sets.

2) Ditch your headcovers. Taking them on and off all day is a serious time suck.

3) Play it forward at least one tee box.

4) Check the time when you tee off and check again every three holes. For some reason, it helps make you play faster.

5) Mixed foursome? Forward-tee players should ride with other forward-tee players. Back tees with back tees.

6) Agreeing to play “ready golf” is essential for a casual round. But you’ll play even faster if you keep putting until your ball is conceded or holed.

7) Only mark a short putt to clean it.

8) Don’t wait for dawdlers. They’ll start playing faster as a result.

9) First golfer on a par 3 gets the yardage and announces it to everyone.

10) First to hit on a par 3 stands at the ready to fill divot holes.

To read the other 15 ways to play a little quicker in your next round, go here!

Source:   Golf Digest

Pictures: Golf Digest  Bob Cotter

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